Life Insurance with Living Benefits

Life Insurance with Living Benefits

Most people believe that you only benefit from life insurance if you pass away. Only 57% of Americans have life insurance and a large percentage of those with coverage have life policies without Living Benefits. What are Living Benefits you might be asking? Living Benefits are Accelerated Death Benefits Riders(ABR’s) that are included at no-cost with all the A Rated (A.M. Best) insurance carriers I recommend to my valued clients. So if god forbid you were diagnosed with a qualified terminal illness and you had less than 2 years of life expectancy, you can accelerate up to 100% of the death benefit. The death benefit would payable to you tax-free and you could use the funds to pay for costly medical expenses such as out-of-pocket expenses not covered my health insurance, cost of living expenses or any other personal use. You may also access all or part of your death benefit, while living, if you experience a qualifying, chronic, critical illness or critical injury.

Alarming Statistics on Critical Illnesses:

  • : According to the National Cancer Institute, a new cancer is diagnosed every 30 seconds. 1 in 2 men and women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime
  • : According to the American Heart Association, a new heart attack is diagnosed every 34 seconds
  • According to the American Stroke Association, a new stroke is diagnosed every 40 seconds

Watch powerful testimonials on how life insurance with living benefits helped individuals from financial devastation:

Life Insurance you don’t have to die to use.

So if you don’t have life insurance with living benefits, give us a call and we will provide a personalized no-obligation quote with an A Rated insurance carrier. Again, the carriers we offer include living benefits at no extra cost.

Types of Life Insurance

There are two major types of life insurance—term and whole/permanent life. 1. Term Life: Term insurance is the simplest and most affordable form of life insurance. It pays only if death occurs during the term of the policy, which is usually from one to 30 years. Most term policies have no other benefit provisions. However, Direct Insurance Solutions offers term insurance policies with accelerated benefits riders at no-additional cost.  These Living Benefits allow you to access all or part of your death  benefit, while living.  Life Insurance you do not have to die to use. There are two basic types of term life insurance policies—level term and decreasing term. Level term means that the death benefit stays the same throughout the duration of the policy. Decreasing term means that the death benefit drops, usually in one-year increments, over the course of the policy’s term.

2. Whole Life/Permanent Life: Whole life or permanent insurance pays a death benefit whenever the policyholder dies. There are three major types of whole life or permanent life insurance—traditional whole life, universal life, and variable universal life, and there are variations within each type. With an Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policy, commonly referred to as IUL, is a wealth accumulation vehicle that provides policyholders with the potential to create a non-taxable retirement, while protecting themselves with Living Benefits life insurance simultaneously.

The idea is that you can setup an indexed universal life insurance policy that grows huge amounts of cash value over the course of your working years. Thanks to the specific IRS code that allows tax-advantaged treatment of these permanent life insurance policies, this cash value grows tax-deferred. You can access these funds when you retire or later in life, through nontaxable participating policy loans, to create a tax-free retirement. Remember, its not about how much you can accumulate for retirement, you need to consider taxes on retirement income. Direct Insurance Solutions only offers IUL insurance policies with accelerated benefits riders at no-additional cost.  These Living Benefits allow you to access all or part of your death  benefit, while living.

3 Myths of Why Americans Don’t Buy Life Insurance:

  1.   For 52% of Americans, the decision not to buy life insurance boils down to money.  We offer plans as low as a $1 per day
  2. : A good 17% of Americans are convinced they don’t need life insurance.  A new cancer is diagnosed every 30 seconds, heart attack every 34 seconds, stroke every 40 seconds.  Every day 17,000 people in the U.S. die from Cancer or a Terminal Illness.  Let us help you find the protection you and your loved ones deserve.
  3. Navigating life insurance options can be confusing and frustrating.  Lets us be your personal guide to finding affordable coverage options.

Why Direct Insurance Solutions?

Award winning insurance agency that has helped thousands find affordable coverage and represents hundreds of regional and national carriers built on the following foundation:


Our mission at Direct Insurance Solutions is to get you the coverage you need, the services you want, and the respect you deserve, regardless of your budget. We only offer A Rated (A.M. Best) insurance companies like National Life, American National Insurance Company, Transamerica, AIG and many more.

Call or click for a free no-obligation quote: 1-800-619-8959. For more information on life insurance plans, please visit our Life Insurance Page.

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Life Insurance with Living Benefits
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