Motorcycle Insurance

What is Motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle insurance provides financial protection in the event of a motorcycle accident, loss, theft or damage. Motorcycle insurance includes liability coverage in case you are responsible for another person’s injuries or property damage. These policies provide coverage for motorcycles, choppers, fast street bikes or “crotch rockets,” mopeds, and even Segways.

If you have just purchased a motorcycle, or have owned one for a while and are considering changing insurance providers, you may have several questions.  Do you wonder what motorcycle insurance will cover, and what financial risks you face in the event of an accident?

When should you consider Motorcycle insurance?

A standard motorcycle insurance policy will cover some portion of the costs associated with damage to your bike.  It will also provide compensation in the event that you cause harm another person or their property or have legal fees to pay an accident. Known as “bodily injury and property damage liability,” your motorcycle liability insurance covers the cost of liability claims and legal fees, up to the limits of your policy, if are at fault in an accident.

You can customize your policy to cover the following:

  • Full replacement cost of your bike, in the event that it is totaled.
  • Comprehensive coverage, which will pay for loss or damage due to causes “other than collision.” This includes hail and other weather damage, damage from animals, and most importantly motorcycle theft.
  • Medical payments, in the event that you require hospitalization or medical care.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage, in the event that another driver is at fault in an accident and does not have adequate insurance to pay your costs.
  • Damage or loss to your gear and upgrades, such as transport trailers, sidecars, custom exhaust equipment, and safety apparel like chaps and helmets.​

When you choose what you want your motorcycle insurance to cover, find a balance between protecting yourself against the risks you face and what you can budget for coverage. The good news is that there are many ways to save on your motorcycle insurance if you are a safe rider with a good driving record.

How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost?

Overall, motorcycle insurance can seem expensive to those who are used to paying car insurance costs. The reason for higher rates for motorcycle drivers is the higher risk they face on the road. For example:

  • Motorcycles are more difficult to see on the roadway and in blind spots.

  • Motorcycle crashes result in a high incidence of serious and fatal injuries because the rider has little protection as compared to a vehicle with steel reinforcement and airbags.

  • Motorcycles, and sport bikes in particular, are easy to steal. Two or three people can hoist one onto a truck and be gone in moments.

  • Recovery rates for stolen motorcycles are low because they tend to be sold for parts. Thieves can simply buy a frame from one of the thousands of crashed bikes, remove the engine, wheels, and everything else from the original frame, then mount it onto a new frame and get a clean salvage title.

Motorcycle Insurance

Get the #1 motorcycle insurance provider for as little as $75 per year through us.

Why Progressive?

  • 1 in 3 insured motorcycle riders choose Progressive:  We didn’t become the best motorcycle insurance provider by just giving our riders “the basics.” You’re passionate about your bike, so we dig deeper to offer a wide range of coverages. Plus, we offer competitive rates with plenty of ways to save.
  • Full replacement cost and no depreciation for parts: We’ll always return your motorcycle to pre-accident condition or better. Let’s say that your five-year-old front tire with 10,000 miles on it gets damaged. Based on the tread remaining, its depreciated value is $50, but you need a new one that costs $150. We pay the full $150 and not the depreciated value. That’s a real $100 difference.
  • Total loss coverage for a brand new bike: Available if your bike is no more than one model year old on a new policy, and two model years old during a renewal of a total loss coverage policy. If it’s totaled, we’ll give you the full MSRP for a brand new motorcycle, minus your deductible.
  • Coverage for gear and personal belongings: You can add coverage for just about all of the personal property you carry on your motorcycle if it’s damaged or stolen. This includes camping gear, safety gear, and even your phones.

If your ride a motorcycle and are shopping for the #1 Bike Insurance to protect yourself and your ride, give us a call and our team of motorcycle insurance specialists will help you choose the right insurance plan with the right coverage giving you peace of mind.

Don’t wait!  Start saving on Motorcycle Insurance now. Call us for a free no-obligation quote in less than 10 minutes.  1-800-619-8959

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