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Do you currently have Dental Insurance but cannot find a quality dentist that takes your dental plan? Or do you need braces (orthodontia) and your dental insurance does not cover them? If you are on a HMO Dental Plan, there is a very good chance that you will struggle finding dentists that will accept your dental insurance. Many dentists opt to only accept patients with PPO Dental Insurance. The reason has to do with higher provider payments for common dental services with PPO dental plans. If you are looking for a high quality and affordable dental plan from a Fortune 500 Company, Cigna is the company for you.

Why Customers Choose Cigna Dental?

Simple, straightforward plan designs to best suit their personal needs:

  • Premiums as low as $30 per month
  • Low individual and family deductibles of $50 and $150
  • All Plans offer comprehensive preventive care at 100% when seeing a Cigna DPPO Advantage dentist
  • $0 Co-pays and $0 Deductible for cleaning, routine x-rays and more
  • Orthodontia covered up to $1,000 per person with a separate $50 deductible per person

Large National DPPO Advantage Network:

  • Access to more than 90,000 dentists with our large nationwide network
  • No primary dentist required
  • No referrals needed for specialist care

Convenient Service and Claims Experience:

  • Access award winning service 24/7 365 days, backed by 200 years of experience and a dedicated team ready to help any day, any time
  • No need to submit claims when you use a Cigna DPPO Advantage Provider

On-line Tools to Easily Access Benefits and Resources:

  • Helpful online tools like automatic claims filing, appointment scheduling on
  • Cigna Mobile App

Have a Waiting Period with Your Current Dental Insurance?

Most of the popular dental insurance plans have a 6 and 12 month waiting period for basic (filling, tooth extraction) and major services (crowns & root canal). However, one of the reasons why Cigna is the best Dental Insurance is because they provide prior credible coverage credit when you enroll. For example, if you currently have dental insurance for 12 or more consecutive months, Cigna will waive the 6 and 12 month waiting periods on their affordable dental PPO plans.

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