How Bidencare Compares to Obamacare

Bidencare vs. Obamacare

What is the Difference Between Bidencare Marketplace and Obamacare?

Is Bidencare the new Obamacare? In 2010 President Obama made sweeping changes to the health insurance landscape by enacting the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that made it easier for people to access health insurance coverage with subsidized premiums. The Biden health insurance plan has further changed the way Americans access healthcare. Bidencare health insurance in Florida overcomes many of the changes made during the Trump administration, and at Direct Insurance Solutions, we offer you comprehensive discussion on the landscape of insurance and how it can improve your quality of life. To learn more about Biden care in Florida read more below.

What Has President Biden Done in Health Care Coverage in His First 100 Days?

The Trump administration reversed many of the changes made when Obamacare was signed into law in 2010. During his campaign, Biden unveiled his health care plan with an aggressive agenda outlining the executive orders he would be making. The policy was to strengthen and protect the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid so that it can be accessible for all Americans. These executive orders also served to review policies enacted by Trump that blocked grants and implement work requirements, as well as those that had private entities handling marketplace enrollment functions. Health care reform in the Biden era has seen a special enrollment period enacted, the withdrawal of work requirements in 11 states, rules surrounding the referral of patients to abortion providers and payment rules that restricted access to health insurance.

Understanding Biden’s Plans for Healthcare

Biden expands ‘Obamacare’ by cutting health insurance costs, ensuring that more Americans can access the services they need to maintain and promote their heath. The Affordable Care Act in the Biden era strengthens the work done by Obama by increasing tax credits for two years, while expanding eligibility for the tax credits with the goal to make these changes permanent. Biden has stated that his goal is to have more than 97% of Americans insured by a public option that caters to individuals and families, and will do this by setting an upper limit on the cost of healthcare for people to 8.5% of their income, regardless of their income level.

How Bidencare Compares to Obamacare

Obamacare was a landmark program that brought affordable health insurance options to the American marketplace. Bidencare builds on this program by strengthening access through the provision of more public options for consumers that offer lowered coverage costs. Many middle income earners who made just above the thresholds were not eligible for Obamacare, but the premium caps introduced under Bidencare ensure that these families are also saving when it comes to their premiums. In short, Biden made ‘Obamacare’ cheaper, while upholding all of the goals that the original Affordable Care Act prioritized. Florida led the way with new sign ups, with 28% of the nationwide marketplace enrollment coming from the state.

Bidencare vs. Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance options have typically been the only choice for reducing the cost of medical care, but come with high premiums and limitations that can increase the chance of coverage denial. Obamacare and Bidencare sought to provide a public option that protects people with pre-existing conditions in accessing reduced costs of health care, however, private insurance options are still available to people in Florida. This provides consumers with a greater range of choices that fit their unique circumstances as well as their budget. However, this has come with some detraction. For instance, policy makers against Bidencare argue that the strengthening of the Affordable Care Act will lead to the disintegration of the private health insurance sector.

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Affordable health care is important, and with medical debt being the highest cause of financial frustration in the country, Bidencare offers more accessibility for insurance options. If you are interested in learning more about how Bidencare compares to Obamacare in Florida, please click or call: 1-800-619-8959. For a free no obligation quote, please click here.

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