CA Health Insurance

CA Health Insurance

Many Californians are experiencing job and income loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the coronavirus, health care is critical more than ever. More than 17 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits and potentially have lost or will lose their employer sponsored health insurance. Unfortunately Cobra insurance costs over $7,000 per year for individual coverage and over $20,000 for family coverage. Cobra insurance provides comprehensive coverage but the premiums make it un-affordable for most individuals and families. If you or someone you know recently lost their job and can longer afford to pay their individual health insurance premiums, there are affordable health insurance options available through Covered California at Also known as Obama Care insurance, you are only allowed to enroll in a Marketplace Insurance during the annual Open Enrollment Period which runs from October 15th thru December 15th. However, Covered California is offering a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) due to the Coronavirus. People who experience a qualifying life event can newly enroll in a health plan through Covered California even outside the open enrollment period.

I Currently Have a Covered California Plan but can no longer Afford the Premiums?

If you currently have a Covered CA Plan and can no longer afford your monthly health insurance premiums, you have options to help you during these stressful times. The first step is to update your household income on your Covered California account. If you are unemployed and are or will be receiving unemployment benefits, you can update you income to reflect this amount. By processing a Life Change to your application, you may qualify for advanced premium tax credits that will lower your monthly premiums on your Marketplace insurance plan.

How Can I Enroll?

We are a preferred agency partner of hundreds of insurance carriers including Molina, Oscar, L.A. Care, Kaiser, Health Net, Blue Cross of CA, Blue Shield and many more. As a Circle of Champions Elite Partner of the Marketplace, Direct Insurance Solutions can help your enroll over the phone in under 10 minutes. We have Bilingual Marketplace Certified Insurance Agents that specialize in Covered CA coverage and make enrolling easy and simple. You can always count on the best unbiased advise at no cost to you! Let us help you with your Covered CA enrollment and join thousands of satisfied clients.

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